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Counterfeit cash claim scams elderly woman

An elderly woman has been scammed out of £830 after two men claiming to be police officers suggested she might be in possession of counterfeit cash. reports that the 79-year-old withdrew money from a Post Office in Carshalton and soon after received a knock on her door from the fraudsters, who showed her fake identification.

They left after taking the money and threatening to bring sniffer dogs in if she did not show them any further funds in the house. According to the victim, both scammers were white, wearing dark plain clothes and were about 5ft 8ins tall. Both are believed to be over 30 years old.

"Crimes like this are few and far between in the borough but it's important that residents remain wary of unexpected and unknown callers," said Police Constable Duncan Harris, Crime Prevention Officer at Sutton Police Station.

While the counterfeit money claim was false in this instance, the problem is often seen around the UK; concerning not only the public, but businesses too. However, the latter can help protect themselves by investing in secure cash collection.

Cash In Transit companies, such as Loomis, are able to process and validate any cash handed over at their cash centres. This is of course, is in addition to mitigating the risk associated in its transport to a bank.

The Carshalton incident wasn't the only of its kind seen recently, as Avon and Somerset Constabulary's Somerset West District News revealed that police are trying to identify a woman in Taunton who used fake currency.

Caught on camera handing over the cash at a Tesco Express, the local force is hoping the woman will be able to help police with ongoing investigations.

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