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Convenience Store launches petition to Prime Minister

Convenience Store magazine has launced a petition to the Prime Minister calling for greater protection, improved response to incidents and stiffer sentences for those found guilty of violent attacks on shopworkers.

From Convenience Store;

"Enough is enough: this needs to go right to the top. The murder last month of Diana Garbutt in the living quarters above her post office in Melsonby, North Yorkshire, means that six store owners or workers have been murdered in local shops since January 2009. Coming as it does so soon after the brutal slaying of Gurmail Singh in his c-store in Huddersfield, it is now clear to everyone in the neighbourhood retail industry that the government and the law enforcement authorities need to give a higher priority to protecting those serving communities in local stores."

In the light of the murders of six convenience store workers in the past 15 months, the petition urges the government to give a higher priority to protecting local neighbourhood grocery stores, and the people that work within them, from violent crime. Amongst the requested changes there are calls for stiffer penalties for those found guilty of attacks on store workers.

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