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Committed to reducing our carbon footprint

Being seen to be green in today’s world is vital – not only is it a company’s moral and regulatory responsibility but customers and employees increasingly expect it too.

Many businesses are working hard to lower their emissions – especially those for whom being out on the road is part of their job.

As a cash in transit business Loomis can’t avoid sending its vans out but it has introduced a number of green initiatives to reduce the environmental impact its vehicles are having and is currently in the accreditation phase of the Carbon Trust’s carbon footprinting scheme, which will see Loomis badging its vehicles with their carbon footprint later this year and then working even harder to further lower their carbon emissions.

Loomis is looking at the use of electric vehicles and at reducing the weight of its vehicles by using lighter build materials such as Kevlar bodies instead of steel to improve fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions, and has also introduced a driving awareness scheme.

“We are educating our drivers to have a more environmentally aware approach to driving. This can be through simple, yet very effective measures such as reducing speed and avoiding heavy braking,” says Brian Saleh, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager at Loomis.

Loomis is committed to protecting our environment

Back in its offices and branches Loomis has appointed green champions at each site to help drive the company’s green initiatives. “They help to educate and promote staff awareness of the part they play in achieving our goals” Saleh says.

Loomis is replacing all light fittings with more environmentally friendly products and fitting motion detectors to ensure lights are only on when needed. The measures will have dramatic results - halving Loomis’ energy requirements.

And Loomis is reducing its impact through better waste management too, taking steps to recycle all its plastic, paper and card.

“We are an environmentally responsible company and these changes, amongst others, are positive steps to further reducing our carbon output making Loomis a greener, more environmentally friendly company. This helps our customers to achieve their environmental goals too,” says Ashley Bailey, Loomis’ Managing Director.

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