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Cash robber who used prosthetic mask revealed

Police have arrested a man who wore prosthetic latex masks to cover his appearance whilst committing a number of robberies in London, reports.

Henley Stephenson, committed a number of raids of London stores wearing a prosthetic face of a white man; hiding his own black skin. This went on a total of 19 times dating back to 1999.

Stephenson was caught on camera holding up a cash delivery to a Tesco store in March 2011, wherein he made off with £250. The high-profile case will hopefully encourage retailers to carefully consider their cash in transit options and ensure they've got the right level of security in place.

It is thought Stephenson bought the mask from a store in Covent Garden that provided the disguises the Graff Diamond robbers used in their £40 million heist in 2009.

Speaking to after the arrest, detective chief inspector Harry Hennigan of the Flying Squad explained: "Stephenson executed these crimes in a calculated and frightening manner with no regard for innocent members of the public.

"His measures were so extreme, he tried to deceive the police by concealing his identity by wearing a lifelike latex mask which completely altered his skin colour and appearance. Stephenson also fired a gun in front of terrified members of the public, who scrambled for cover during a betting shop robbery."

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