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Cash in Transit robbers get 50 years

Robbers who stole over £100,000 targeting cash in transit vans have been sentenced to a total of more than 50 years in prison.

Forensic evidence, including SigNature DNA-marked stolen cash from Loomis cash boxes, was used to link the criminals to a crime spree spanning eight cash-in-transit robberies.

The gang-of-10 stole the cash in eight robbery and attempted robberies of cash in transit vans in Mitcham, Streatham, Wallington, and Croydon between January 3 and June 10 last year.

On all occasions force was used against security guards to snatch cash boxes, which were later broken into and the cash contents stolen. Much of this cash was stained with security dye.

An investigation codenamed Op Tejat was launched by the Metropolitan Police's Flying Squad based at Barnes.

Detectives carried out surveillance and forensic work, leading to the arrest of the ten robbers on or shortly after August 24 last year.

Nine of the gang pleaded guilty to robbery at Kingston Crown Court. Ben Ebenzer Sampson, 22, of Mitcham pleaded not guilty, but was convicted of conspiracy to rob.

The 10 men were sentenced on the 27th July.

Detective Constable Will Roscoe, leader of Operation Tejat, an investigation launched by the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad based at the Barnes office, London said : "This was a prolific gang of robbers specifically targeting cash in transit vans and custodians. I have no doubt they would have continued this course of action if it were not for a detailed and targeted operation to identify and arrest them. Their convictions and sentences represent a significant success for the Barnes Flying Squad and the MPS in our Total War on Crime."

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