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Cash in transit gang get almost 30 years

Members of a London gang which attempted to overthrow cash-in-transit vehicles have been sentenced to a combined total of 30 years in prison, reports

The group of six included James Dawson 28 from Willesden and Sohail Amin, 19 from Balham. They received sentences at Harrow Crown Court yesterday (October 22nd).

Their arrests/sentencing came after an investigation by the Met Police Flying Squad into nine robberies and one attempted robbery. Dawson and Amin were both arrested in Bristol on April 5th, after they tried to rob a Post Office delivery centre.

Detective constable John Baker, from the Finchley Flying Squad, told "The Flying Squad is committed to bringing to justice all gang members involved in serious organised crime and will utilise all techniques and resources in whatever police area to do so."

Dawson was given a six-and-a-half-year sentence after he pleaded guilty to conspiring to rob cash-in-transit custodians and conspiring to conceal, disguise, convert, transfer or remove criminal property. Amin received six years after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy of of robbing cash in transit.

Other members involved in the robberies included Aaron Simmonds from Streatham, who received six years. Aaron Jones from Mitcham was given a sentence of seven years and Timothy Dawson, 19, from Lewisham was handed a prison sentence of 12 months. Mr Lawson also has to complete a community order of 100 hours.

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