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Businesses are still not prepared for the Olympics

Three-quarters of southern businesses are 'under-prepared' for the London Olympics 2012, Fresh Business Thinking writes.

Despite repeated pleas, it would appear that the majority of London and South businesses remain unprepared for the disruption that the Olympics has been predicted to bring.

A survey commissioned by Interactive Intelligence, provider of business communication technologies, discovered that only 23 per cent of senior executives felt that their organisation was "fully" ready to cope with any related interruptions.

The particular concern revolves around physically getting employees to the office. While 57 per cent have or are in the process of implementing remote working, almost a third of respondents said they did not plan to use flexible working at all, due to lack of technology, funds or security issues.

It's not just businesses in the area that have failed with their preparation measures, according to One in eight commuters are yet to determine how the Games is going to affect their journey to work and what to do to lessen any impact. This is in spite of 84 per cent being fully aware that transport and travel will be heavily disrupted.

Interactive Intelligence regional sales director, Dave Paulding highlighted how the Olympics has proved a "catalyst" for the creation of remote working strategies, but warned businesses to take the appropriate steps fast.

"It will be those that make preparations sooner rather than later who will achieve the most benefit. The advantages to businesses and their employees are clear; time and money is saved from reduced travel time, making business practices more effective and efficient."

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