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BSIA welcomes London 2012 guide for businesses

The publication of a new guide that will help businesses prepare for the London 2012 Olympic Games has been welcomed by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

London Olympic officials have been careful to suggest as many contingency options for businesses as possible during the games, calling on industry insiders, security and logistics operators to help compile the guide.

Entitled, 'London 2012 Games: Planning information for businesses', such continuity advice includes staffing issues, telecoms issues, transport information and safety and security measures. The BSIA said that the guide will be an invaluable source of information for its members who range from secure cash collection companies to CCTV providers.

"Helping its members plan for the events of 2012 remains a priority for the BSIA," commented David Evans, the BSIA's project director for 2012 on

"Many of our members operate near Olympic venues, or will have their operations and supply chain affected by road disruptions," he says. "This guide will prove invaluable in helping such businesses make robust plans for dealing with the challenges of next summer's events."

London is expected to be worst hit by the Games, holding 27 of the 37 Olympic venues in the UK. believes that Hyde Park, Victoria Park, Trafalgar Square and Potters Field next to City Hall are expected to be among the most popular destinations for tourists and games attendees alike.

Evans insists that the guide is the "ideal place to start planning for the impact of next summer's celebrations" for businesses nearest to Olympic venues and hotspots.

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