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BSIA to recommend security training providers

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) is to provide some useful tips about how companies can find the right security training provider for their organisation.

In a announcement, Paul Tennent, chairman of the BSIA's Training Providers section, made it clear that businesses need to keep their staff trained - to a degree - to keep up with a series of ever-changing threats.

He suggested that employers should seek to improve their staff's internal training levels to a high standard - just as cash transport, or private security services have.

"Security companies are increasingly striving to ensure the standard of professionalism offered by their employees provides a high quality service for their customers," he said.

"Employers must therefore make sure staff are consistently trained to meet the requirements of a constantly evolving security environment, including ever-changing threats and rapid technology developments."

As the BSIA represents 70 per cent of the private security industry in Britain, it said that its supplier list is the best and most reliable source of accredited training companies. More than 570 companies make up the organisation, says

BSIA member specialities cover the whole industry, Tennent explained, from the "technical side such as CCTV, alarms and access control to door supervisory, control rooms operations and management training," meaning that businesses are sure to learn something by procuring workplace security training.

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