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Armed robber drops cash after attack

Police in West Sussex are appealing for information after a cash in transit security van was robbed in Crawley, reports.

The attack took place on Friday (29 June) afternoon as a cash delivery was being made to a supermarket in Three Bridges.

The robber, who was armed, forced the security guard to give him 'a substantial amount' of cash which was intended for a cash point.

Sussex Police believes that the guard was threatened with a hand gun. Fortunately, no one was injured in the fracas. Strangely, the suspect then dropped the cash or the floor - whether accidentally or in a crisis of conscience remains to be established. He then made his getaway on a motocross-style bike in the direction towards a footpath to St. Mary's Drive.

Investigating the incident, Detective Inspector Sarah Barrett told "Fortunately no-one was injured and this is not thought to be linked to any series of crimes.

"There are a number of lines of enquiry that are being actively pursued but if anyone knows any more information, we ask them to come forward. We have a large number of witnesses and want to thank them for their assistance."

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