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Additional protection provided to Welsh cash-in-transit services

A new initiative to provide added protection to cash-in-transit services over the Christmas period has been launched in Wales.

In addition to traditional security procedures, cash-in-transit vans in Wales will now be tracked by covert armed police forces both on the ground and in the air.

CCTV systems will also follow vans in the area whilst all cash containers will be fitted with a special dye which is released when opened.

According to, the operation will involve police officers from six different forces across the North-West of the UK.

Detective superintendent John Hanson, who is head of the force intelligence section in North Wales, stated that the police have been extremely successful at preventing any cash-in-transit robberies this year.

Explaining the motivation behind the additional security to, he stated that the local police force would not become complacent when it came to dealing with such a serious crime.

He said: "We are working hard with our colleagues from across the region and our partners in the security industry to reduce these offences further still.

"We have a direct link between the security companies and our force control room based intelligence staff to ensure we maximise and develop all intelligence available to prevent these offences from being committed in North Wales."

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