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Loomis UK is delighted to take the opportunity to respond to HM Treasury’s (HMT) Call for Evidence on Access to Cash legislation.

Whilst Loomis UK clearly has a commercial interest in the continued demand for cash, we also have a social purpose for managing the efficient flow of physical notes and coins, ensuring it is accessible to those that need it, who are often the most vulnerable in our society.

Before responding to the specific questions laid out in the Call for Evidence we have detailed some principle themes informing our perspective on Access to Cash.

Loomis continues to execute on its strategy and now takes a major step in the ambition to expand its presence across the value chain by launching Loomis Pay.

Loomis Pay is a complete end-to-end payment platform for merchants and manages all types of payments, including cash, card and other digital alternatives, both in store and online. The core of Loomis current operations, cash in transit (CIT) and cash management services (CMS) will continue to be core business and Loomis Pay will complement the existing business and increase the addressable market for Loomis.

With the launch of its new Same Day Credit pilot solution NatWest and Loomis offers British businesses a facility to deposit cash takings without leaving their store.

Aimed at small retailers and chain retailers operating smaller stores, the solution uses Loomis technology in the shape of a SafePoint connected smart safe. Using the latest technology, our safes scan and sort notes at high-speed, crediting their value of the deposits to the retailer’s NatWest account same day and reducing the labour cost of manually sorting, checking and depositing cash.

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