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Loomis UK have been notified by the organisers of the Scottish Business Exhibition, that the company is entering a creditors voluntary liquidation and the Scottish Business Exhibition will not take place this year.
Clearly the team at Loomis are disappointed - but we are committed to finding other opportunities to bring insight in to our unique solutions and to supporting Scottish business.
Loomis UK has published the operating schedule for Coin & Cash Ordering around the 2019 August Bank Holiday.
Customers who utilise these services should be aware of the cut-off times for ordering cash & coin supply and plan accordingly.
Can you believe it - summer is here! And with it comes a huge number of festivals and other events to fill those (very!) warm sunshine-filled days and endless hazy evenings.
Of course, if you're an event organiser or vendor you may welcome the support that Loomis Special Services has to offer.

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