Every retail business’s success can be measured through its finances. However, cash management is an aspect of business that’s often overlooked when it comes to monitoring growth and business success.

It’s easy to overlook how handling cash is affecting your bottom line and the overall efficiency of your company when there are other issues on the table. One should not underestimate how a series of cash management tools can benefit your business and its success.

Shrinkage is a common problem for many retail businesses - it is the culmination of losses as a result of employee theft, shoplifting, administrative mistakes, and supplier fraud.

Simply put, shrinkage erodes your profits - here are five ways to stop that happening.

When you’re busy with the day-to-day tasks of running a business, managing how you handle cash can seem like a daunting task - the cash management process can involve a very high number of elements and touch-points.

However, each of them is vital to your overall success - so it’s crucial to protect your businesses by tightly managing your cash!

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