Feature - Choose a cash safe for your business

If your business accepts cash as payment for goods or services then you will understand the need for the secure handling and storage of that cash on your premises.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) make many recommendations for safe cash handling and transit on their website and share their best practice on the physical management of your cash. The advice offered includes “the use of an adequate safe” and suggests that a business “could use a cash safe with a letterbox drop facility and time locks” and should “transfer excess cash to the safe regularly“.

Utilising a money safe on your premises certainly secures your cash so it is not at risk of theft but it also creates a safe work environment while simultaneously reducing opportunities for staff fraud. A locked money safe prohibits unauthorised access - with its materials and construction providing assurance of its ability to withstand attack.

Cash safes for your business are available in a variety of styles and sizes so choosing the best safe for a business depends on how it is to be used and located. Some money safes are portable; some are even designed to be hidden; while heavy-duty safes can sit anywhere the floor will support their weight.

It’s advisable to start your search either looking at popular brands and models to decide which manufacturer and safe model might best meet the needs of your business or deciding on a size and format to filter manufacturers’ offerings against.

Of course, if you currently utilise a cash in transit company for your cash collections then you could also speak with them about what they recommend.

Our Top Tip – ensure you are aware of the internal dimensions of your selected money safe – the very nature of a safe's construction means that the thickness of the materials used can be significant, dramatically reducing the internal space (litres) available for storage.

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