Service Announcement

August Bank Holiday 2020 Cut Off Times - Coin & Cash Ordering

Loomis UK has published the operating schedule for Coin & Cash Ordering services for the 2020 August Bank Holiday.

Customers who utilise these services should be aware of the cut-off times for ordering cash & coin supply and plan accordingly.

Cash ordering over the Bank Holiday periods

It will not be possible to accept Cash orders placed after the dates and times shown in the tables below.

August Bank Holiday – Monday 31st August, 2020

Order Date
Time Delivery Window
Wednesday 26th August Before 12:00 Thursday 27th August
  Before 15:00 Friday 28th August - Tuesday 1st September inclusive
  After 15:00 Wednesday 2nd September and onward


After 15:00 cut-off, our systems may accept orders for delivery between the 27th August to the 1st September but they will not be processed.

Please note that these restrictions are in effect only on the dates/times shown above and your regular service profile remains in effect - therefore scheduled day, denomination, and volume restrictions still apply.

If in doubt, please speak with your Account Co-ordinator or Account Manager who will assist.

Does your business require regular collections and deliveries of coins?

Loomis will ensure that you have the coin you need, when you need it – and that all your surplus coin is collected, counted and banked securely as quickly as possible.

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