Parking Safely: Creating a Safer Community

Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) couriers undertake an extremely dangerous job, putting themselves at risk of attack each time they are on duty. The role that CVIT couriers play within society is essential, ensuring that cash supplies are replenished in order to keep the economy running.

Parking Safely - Loomis Vehicle

Research conducted by Populus found that £36 billion a year is spent on the high street, with local ATMs injecting an average of £16.30 per withdrawal directly into the tills of stores in the vicinity. As such, CVIT couriers play a huge part in guaranteeing the smooth day to day running of our retail sector.

When conducting their duties, CVIT couriers are at a high risk of attack, with criminals being known to use weapons, firearms and even acid to attack the couriers in order to steal cash. This not only put the lives of the couriers at risk, but can put members of the public in danger too.

The Cash and Valuables in Transit industry and local governments have been working together in order to make the services they provide more safe and efficient for the public, particularly with regards to parking. In order to reduce these risks, it is therefore essential that CVIT couriers are able to park their vans as closely as possible to the required location.

Although couriers do their best to avoid parking in restricted areas such as bus lanes, disabled bays, taxi ranks and on pavements, it can mean parking in other places that are deemed unlawful, such as on a single or double yellow line. If you notice these vans, it is more than likely necessary for the van to be parked in these restricted areas in order to ensure a safer trip for the courier and the public.

Should you believe that a Loomis vehicle is parked in a restricted area for unnecessary reasons, please contact us on 0845 309 6419 (select Option 3).

You can review further details on the BSIA website, under the CVIT Section at


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