Our People

Loomis’s people are highly skilled and trained for the work they do – whether they are in the boardroom, working in one of our cash processing centres or responsible for one of our armoured delivery vehicles providing cash collection services.

Our People - Values and Code of Conduct

With 24,000 employees at more than 400 locations in over 20 countries, we’re always on the lookout for new talent. If you’re interested in joining our UK team then please visit our careers page.

Our global headquarters are in Stockholm, and CEO is Patrik Andersson - you can find full details of the Group Management Team on the Loomis Group Website.

Our values

As the premier cash management solutions provider, Loomis’s values shape our attitudes towards our customers, stakeholders and colleagues. We believe in simplicity and clarity, and we have developed three core values which define the way we do business and reflect a culture built on delivering an honest and reliable service.

They are:

  • People - We are committed to developing quality people and treating everyone with respect.
  • Service - We strive for exceptional quality, innovation, value and exceeding customer satisfaction.
  • Integrity - We perform with honesty, vigilance and high ethics.

These values reflect Loomis' focus on creating a company culture that delivers services to you in a responsible and confidence-inspiring way.

Code of Conduct

Loomis’ code of conduct mirrors our fundamental values. It assures high business ethics, care for our employees, and concern for the environment. The code serves as guidance to all Loomis’ employees and can be summarized in three bullet points:

  • Loomis will be the employer of choice in the industry.
  • Loomis will reduce the environmental impact of its operations.
  • Loomis will not accept unethical conduct.

It is how we live our values in everyday life that make us different from our competitors.


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