Management of Data Privacy

Loomis UK Limited utilises CCTV on vehicles, premises and also body worn video.

Management of Data Privacy - CCTV on vehicles, premises and body worn video

The use of CCTV Surveillance has been utilised by Loomis and other Cash Services companies for many years now. The use of these systems has a number of benefits for employees, customers, members of the public and Loomis UK Limited, including the potential to reduce the number of attacks, motor incidents, confrontational situations and to provide evidence of any such incidents should they occur. Images are being monitored and recorded for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety.

A recording from the scene of an incident may capture evidence that could provide video (and in body worn also audio) that would help support a criminal investigation into the attack, and may provide evidence that will enable the Police to identify the attackers. Additionally the use of CCTV Surveillance may help deter an attack due to the increased possibility of arrest, which could have the effect of reducing the overall level of Cash in Transit attacks, thus protecting our crews, supporting crime prevention and helping to improve public safety.

Loomis CCTV Surveillance cameras are of an “overt” nature and the data captured is only reviewed if there is a specific incident. Agreed members of the Loomis Management Team will utilise any recordings to review and improve how incidents are dealt with and will be used to investigate any complaints made. Data is stored for no longer than required and is secured within our premises and vehicles and can only be accessed by authorised people.

Data may be shared to appropriate Loomis staff internally, Customers, Alarm Receiving Centres, Insurers and Law Enforcement. This will be limited to specific incidents only and only viewed / copied by exception. All of these systems have been Risk Assessed and documented as part of the Loomis Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) process to ensure compliance with the UK Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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Any enquiries or Subject Access Requests must be made in writing to Privacy Compliance, Loomis UK Ltd, Union Street, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 4JD United Kingdom.

Further information and advice can be obtained on the ICO’s website on how to deal with a subject access request - or call them on 0303 123 1113.


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