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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

March 2018

Loomis UK Ltd works within the framework provided by the Loomis’ Code of Conduct. This reflects our values as a company and provides guidance to all Loomis’ employees to ensure that our behaviour complies with our values in practice.

Loomis’ values are the foundation of our company and our corporate spirit, and should reflect the way that Loomis acts towards co-workers, customer and other stakeholders, including our shareholders.

  • People - We are committed to developing quality people and treating everyone with respect.
  • Service - We strive for exceptional quality, innovation, value and exceeding customer satisfaction.
  • Integrity - We perform with honesty, vigilance and high ethics.

In the UK we work hard to ensure that everything we do complies with both the Loomis Code of Conduct, and with UK employment legislation. These two principles guide us on how we treat our employees and how we reward them.

Complying and ensuring equality of pay is fundamental to our agreements with our Union partners, and we have formal agreements in place to guarantee that all employees who are employed in our two major employment grades receive the same reward irrespective of gender, age or race. These agreements cover our Driver / Guards and our CMS employees, which together make up 81.9% of our total workforce.

Equal pay is only one part of the story, and the reporting of gender pay differences needs to be viewed in the context of our company structure, the industry within which we operate and the approach required by the regulations which compares the pay of males and females regardless of the role they perform.

Today all positions are advertised as being open to both male and female applicants alike, and we actively encourage diversity throughout the recruitment process. The majority of our employees are recruited to work as front line Driver / Guards and this has generally been an attractive role to men and less so women. Our recruitment activities strive to limit the gender imbalance, and will continue to do so, but the situation within Loomis is the same as within the Security Industry as a whole.

Some facts

  • Our workforce today comprises of 83% men and 17% women
  • The female employees are predominately employed within the Support functions and our CMS operation
  • Our Executive Team is currently an all-male team, but supported by some female Heads of Departments
  • Our mean (average) difference in hourly rate of pay is 18.2%
  • Our median (middle) difference in hourly rate of pay is 21.4%
  • Top salary quartile has 88% men and 12% women
  • Upper middle salary quartile has 94% men and 6% women 
  • Lower middle salary quartile has 96% men and 4% women 
  • Lower salary quartile has 54% men and 46% women.

Bonus information

  • Currently we have 23.7% of male employees who received a bonus in the reporting period, compared to 29.5% of females. This reflects both the Annual Incentive Plan which is applied to Branch Managers and Department Managers, and the bonuses awarded for Branch Performance via the "Branch of the Year" award.
  • Our mean (average) difference in bonus pay is 71.1% and our median (middle) difference in bonus pay is 0%.

Our challenge now is to use the data we have, raise awareness of the current make up of our workforce at all levels and continue to provide a recruitment process and environment which is openly inclusive to provide truly equal opportunities for all.

Tim Gibbs

Tim Gibbs
Finance Director