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Loomis Cash In Transit

Cash In Transit

Secure, efficient cash in transit services for all business types and sizes throughout the UK.

No matter what size your business – if you take cash payments, you need a safe, secure and economical way of getting your money to your bank while maintaining the best possible cash flow - you need Loomis Cash In Transit.

Our Cash In Transit (or cash and valuables in transit) service does all of these things, helping you to:

  • Eliminate staff trips to the bank, freeing up staff time
  • Prevent high street attacks on staff when walking cash to bank
  • Reduce risk to staff and the general public
  • Increase security by reducing opportunities for theft
  • Create a customised schedule with cash collections that cut your costs.

Loomis Cash In Transit

A bespoke cash in transit service designed to save you money - and keep it safe

The diagram above shows you how our cash collections work, from the moment we collect your money and take full liability for its safety – right up to delivery to your bank.

But every business is different, and that’s why we’ll work with you to build a personalised cash collection / cash transport service that meets your needs, whether you have branches across the UK, or run a small business with a single collection site.

When you use Loomis Cash In Transit, your account manager will work closely with you to analyse your requirements, allowing us to offer you:

  • Cash collections at intervals that suit you – and match the weekly or seasonal changes in your takings
  • Collections of varying values – you’re not tied into inflexible collections of fixed amounts
  • Cash collections that take into account the amount of cash you’re insured to keep on the premises.

We’ll also take care to spot any changes in your requirements, reducing or increasing the number of cash collections you need. That way, you only pay for the cash collections that are necessary – keeping your costs to a minimum over the long term.

Loomis Cash In Transit

Security and peace of mind

Our Cash In Transit service offers the security you’d expect from the UK’s premier cash management specialist.

Not only do we indemnify your cash from the moment we collect it, but we also offer you:

  • Highly secure cash transport centres in key locations across the whole of the UK
  • A fleet of over 700 armoured and semi-armoured vehicles to securely transport your business cash
  • Real time vehicle tracking and monitoring
  • A team of 1,700 trained security officers, all vetted to BS 7858
  • Cash collection and delivery solutions supported by the latest security technologies.

Safe, secure and shaped to your business’s unique requirements – Loomis Cash In Transit provides safe transport of your cash to the bank.

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