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Case Study - Abellio Greater Anglia

When rail operator Abellio Greater Anglia needed support in empowering staff and driving efficiencies in their cash management - they turned to trusted supplier Loomis.

Abellio was founded by NS as NedRailways in 2001 to take advantage of the liberalisation of the European transport sector.

In 2003, a 25 year franchise to operate Merseyrail was won in a joint venture with Serco. Northern Rail followed in 2004 - won by the same joint venture.

The first solo UK rail franchise was won in 2012 by winning Abellio Greater Anglia. The initial 2.5 year contract was been extended for a further 2.5 years.

The relationship with Loomis came about in 2012 shortly after Abellio won the rights to operate the franchise.

Abellio Greater Anglia

Loomis initially provided cash in transit collections and cash processing along with scheduled coin & note delivery services to support the team at AGA.

As part of a regular review, Thurston Rasmussen from Loomis presented additional solutions based upon his understanding of the challenges and concerns faced by Abellio Greater Anglia.

“SafePoint immediately captured my imagination and I could see what it could offer immediately - it appeared to be an extremely robust solution”, recalls Graeme Beton who is Passenger Accounting Manager at Abellio Greater Anglia.

Graeme and his section checks and verifies all of the balances performed through ticket offices, self-service ticket machines and mobile ticket machines. Given the scale and complexity of the task, it is no surprise that for Graeme and colleagues it can be a real challenge to account for it all - especially within accounting periods. Or rather, it used to be!

“SafePoint ticked lots of boxes for me and I saw it as a good fit for our business, as well as enhance and extend our existing cash management facilities”, says Graeme.

Following a successful 18 month trial the green light was given to the solution and to the roll out of further units.

“We’ve identified plenty of back office time savings which will allow us to focus more on our customers and their requirements.”

“In a lot of instances the supervisory staff have had quite a burden lifted from their shoulders with the cash recycling functionality. There’s no more taking in and counting  balances, replacing change with notes, making up further floats, bagging it all up etc. SafePoint i-station eliminates a lot of administration time so we can then concentrate on providing a better service to our customers.”

Graeme explains more in a case study produced by Loomis UK – available here.