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Man prosecuted for creating £30,000 worth of counterfeit notes

Written by David Howells on .

A counterfeiter who made £30,000 worth of fake bank notes has been charged in Scotland, BBC News reports.

Ian Beaton used a simple digital image scanner and inkjet printer to create fake £20 notes, of which he made almost £30,000 worth.

The 44-year-old was found out when police officers searched his car and discovered around £2,000 worth of fake notes, on which his fingerprints were found too.

A search of his Shawlands home then offered up another haul of around £28,000 made up of £10/£20 forgeries from the Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland. On his computer, officers also found searches on how to counterfeit money, as well as a digital image of a £20 note downloaded from an iPhone.

The size of the operation may prompt businesses in the area to consider implementing a robust cash management service to help better protect themselves from accepting such forgeries.

In the resultant court case, Beaton pleaded guilty to both making and possessing counterfeit notes, as well as buying the materials in order to manufacture them. These included a printer, guillotine and paper.

Prosecuting, sheriff Charles McFarlane QC told Beaton: "You have plead guilty to a serious counterfeit operation and the chances are, subject to anything that might be said, you will receive a substantial custodial sentence," reports.

Beaton's sentencing has been deferred until next month and he has been released on bail.