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Counterfeiters caught and jailed

A pair of men in their 20s have been sent to jail after being found guilty of printing and attempting to use their own cash in local shops.

The Salisbury Journal revealed that Ben Maud, 23, and Samuel Bryant, 22, had tried the scam elsewhere in the UK before being caught.

They now face 15 months in prison after admitting to their actions at Salisbury Crown Court.

As well as finding £200 of fake notes at shops in the city and further evidence on their person, more than £4,000 was declared to be counterfeit by the Bank of England. The staggering amount found should hopefully encourage businesses to validate their funds via cash processing services like those provided by Loomis.

Recorder, Alistair Malcolm QC, said during sentencing: "This sort of offending is looked on very seriously, it undermines the whole basis of the economy and it's small shopkeepers who suffer as a result. Even in larger organisations it's the public that lose out."

The criminals used a printer, hot foils and glue to create the fake notes, but they were found out when the manager of a sweet shop recognised Mr Maud from a previous attempt to defraud the retailer.

However not all counterfeiters make the cash themselves, as the Perthshire Advertiser confirmed recently. Two Edinburgh men caught spending fake £10 notes said they bought the forged money from a third party.

Kirk Scott and Daniel Bellington were arrested at Kinross Sunday Market after the alarm was raised by a shopkeeper, who realised that the currency used was not authentic.