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Feature - The relationship between banks and CIT

Cash in Transit vehicles aren't exactly hard to spot, but putting a finger on what they actually do for the businesses they service is where people often come unstuck. They play an integral part in the running of a wide range of businesses, but for financial institutions, the need for an efficient cash management system is heightened.
So, with this in mind, what are some of the key tasks CIT workers undertake for financial institutions?

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Feature - What would happen if Britain left the EU - #brexit?

Ever since Britain joined the European Union in 1973 (back when it was called the 'European Community'), there have been murmurings of whether to withdraw.
In fact, just two years after first joining, Britain held a referendum on whether to stay within the Union, for which 66 per cent voted yes. This turned out to be the first national referendum of its kind - with the second taking place in 2011 and concerning the AV system of voting.

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Feature - The importance of securely transporting your cash

Allow us to imagine every retailer's nightmare - a physical cash theft.

An opportunistic thief has managed to snatch bags of money from a vulnerable staff member on their way to delivering the firm's turnover to a bank.

As well as having a negative effect on balance sheets as insurance may not cover the loss, cash theft can have a significant impact on the well-being of staff if they are present at or even worse, at the centre of an incident.

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