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Feature - The importance of securely transporting your cash

Allow us to imagine every retailer's nightmare - a physical cash theft.

An opportunistic thief has managed to snatch bags of money from a vulnerable staff member on their way to delivering the firm's turnover to a bank.

As well as having a negative effect on balance sheets as insurance may not cover the loss, cash theft can have a significant impact on the well-being of staff if they are present at or even worse, at the centre of an incident.

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Feature - The future of the Great British Pound

With a constant stream of new payment technologies reaching the marketplace, you'd be forgiven for questioning the role of physical cash in today's society. Now that we can pay for goods online, via contactless means or a host of other methods, will cash remain relevant in five, ten, even fifty years' time?
Where is the humble Great British Pound headed in the future?

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Feature - #Startups : How to set up your accounts

It may not help you sell a product to any great extent, but accounting is very much the pulse of any business. Expenses, income, budgeting and cash flow all need to be taken care of; regardless of how big or small the company is.

Unless you're actually an accountant, the word 'accounting' probably brings up images of tables covered with spreadsheets, snapped pencils and long nights ahead. If you're just starting out, this feeling is probably amplified, but you must be aware that poor bookkeeping at the gate could not only delay your project in the short-term - it could come back to haunt you over the long haul.

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