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Feature – What a smart safe can do for your business

In simplest terms, a smart safe is a device that accepts, counts and validates bank notes - it will secure deposited cash until it is picked up by your Cash in Transit provider.
But there’s so much more to a smart safe - in this feature we take a look at what introducing one will do for your business.

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Feature - Cash safes - what grading means

With the right knowledge and preparation even first-time safe buyers should be able to navigate the vast range of cash safes available and come up with a shortlist of devices that are the most suitable for their business’s needs.
In this feature, we take a look at safe grading - what is it and what does it mean for you?

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Feature - Choose a cash safe for your business

If your business accepts cash as payment for goods or services then you will understand the need for the secure handling and storage of that cash on your premises.
In this feature we look at some of the initial decisions to be made when choosing to utilise a cash safe.

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